Bad Buzz/Blake Bernet/Basement Dweller/Doude/November 24th at Barfly







Bad Buzz/Blake Bernet/Basement Dweller/Doude/November 24th/Barfly

A rad gathering of good music, good dogos, and good gaming.

Barfly is a nice little dive bar on St. Laurent.  Equip with a pool table and homey stage, it makes for a nice relaxed setting.  On the set list for tonight was mostly solo artists, with two out-of-townees giving it a go.  We got one full band headlining, but the evening set to be a toned-down and comfortable one.  It’s supposed to start at 8pm,  and the small venue is already housing as much as it can with its bar full and side tables sticky with its residents drinks.  I was there at 8:10pm, and lucky enough to not miss anyone playing because the owners senior dog was there preventing sound check.  Everyone was content waiting for the owner to come get his buddy, there was more than enough to keep yourself occupied with tonight.

But before that I’ll give you a run down on what’s scheduled;

Doude or Conor Antenucci is the opener, a solo-act and  local Montrealer who plays in bands like The Costanzas and Whiskey Chase, which is a pop punk, ska-tastic band with keys, but tonight he’s playing his acoustic, personal songs described as “smash bros melee and short sets”.  Basement Dweller is another solo act from Peterborough, who was staying with a member of The Costanzas.  He was as kind as any Canadian, played a plugged in electric with shy aggression and a hell of a rhythm described as “against me!, being sad and btmi!”.  To contrast the yelling choruses of hail satan’s and basement dwelling, Blake Bernett was the last act before the headliners.  His millennial take on poppy  love songs was a pleasant surprise and got the crowd laughing.

The Costanzas brought a mini TV, game cube with consoles and everything along with Super Smash Bros for people to play through-out the night.  there were chairs huddled around it to the left of the stage and not only gamers, but a crowd.  It was hella homey, and fun in between sets.  Everyone was gaming and having a good time, so it was easy to wait for the owner to come get the dog.

After the dog was picked up and safely far enough from the feedback, at 9:23pm,  Doude got on stage delivered his best combos.  Doude comes off as a happier Alex G gone acoustic with more folky, pop-punk riffs. He played his old band’s song  which had catchy, indie riffs and a strong nostalgic jog. Nicholas from his band, The Costanzas, got up to solo on a blue electric guitar. He played a Bad Religion cover, dedicated to John, called Generator.  He played a song from his band, The Costanzas, and his band mate Alex Pace went up on stage to help play keyboards. His last was an ode to Kingdom Hearts.

Basement Dweller got up on stage with his electric and a determined sense of nervousness.  Through it, he powered. With originals about listening to records in his basement, hating everything, and one called “Beckwith Barrie’s are Fascist Bastards”.    Post-emo, acoustic punk with catchy chorus’ and honest expressions.  Pat the Bunny in his Wingnut Dishwashers Union stage or Ramshackle Glory, definitely ringing of Against Me!.  Real angsty soul music for those sad kids out there. It wasn’t sad at all, but fun and energetic.

To contrast the two openers, Blake Bernett hit the stage with his pop acoustic, millennial love songs.  Equip with a bright blue Hawaiian shift, dad jeans, an ukulele , kazoo, and acoustic guitar.  His music style is characterized by being love songs from indie pop dad bands.  His sing titles include “Making Out in the Metro”, a song about awkward PDA in public transit, and “I’ll be there for you, sometimes”, which has my favorite verse in it which goes along the lines of;

“Cause Monday I got work, and Tuesday I got band, I’m busy Wednesday, but Thursday I’m your man”

Which hit an especially relate-able note for all the full time working musicians, who are also in school.

The greatest part of Blake’s performances is the back story and stage presence that comes along with every hit-original song.  He got the whole crowd singing his own version of “Hallelujah”, replacing it with “Waluigi”.  The climax of the performance was the horror-ible turn of events that was. . . .   “The Serial Cereal Killer”.  The intro was the story of the nutritious murders, which ended in Blake stabbing a box of Lucky Charms to it’s terribly violent end.  The innards splashed on to the floor as the freshly cut guts streamed down the body of its killer.   People started snacking and seemed content, cheering the chaos on while the bartenders face was one of whirling exhausted fury.

Unfortunately, I was unable to catch the last band because I had double booked that night and had to catch a closing set I promised my band I wouldn’t be late for.  Palden of Worst Dad Ever hosted an especially rad night after getting back from tour.  A cool community of passionate artists who need to create, and like to entertain.

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